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About Us

Don's Pizza King storefront“There aren’t too many places left like Don’s Pizza King in Belmar. Opened back in 1967 by Don and Barbara Iglay, the place still runs like an old diesel engine. The same vintage sign hangs off the corner of the building. The inside is much like I remember it when I was stomping here as a kid from next door Avon. Don’s is pretty much a time capsule. Not easy to find these days. And a refreshing alternative to the homogenized, fake bull***t you see popping up on every corner. Don’s Pizza King has soul, simply put. And a lot of blood, sweat and tears from many years of serving the community.” – Jason Thomson

Stop in after a surf or cruise over on your skateboard anytime…We deliver every day… All food is homemade! Drop in and play a few video games while you get some grub!!!!! Don’s Pizza King is located on the corner of 9th Ave. and Pyanoe Plaza on Main Street in Belmar, NJ.

Call for delivery: 732-681-6373.

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